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Miami Office Mover South Florida Moving Company
Commercial mover Miami

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We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily schedule. Our Office moves normally take place after business hours and on weekends, to allow for minimum disruption to the business activity. We employ the economical method to work within your budget.

We understand deadlines and the importance of your business being back in place as soon as possible. Please visit our Website:

We know that your move is as unique as your business we are available to meet with your employees to teach / instruct them on how to pack and box desks, files cabinets and any other item office materials you want the employees to pack themselves.

Some businesses prefer us to pack the entire business, thereby freeing up their employees from this type of task. Other companies prefer to have their own employees pack only their own desks or work stations and still other businesses, have their employees do all the packing including packing their warehouses, libraries, file rooms, etc. If you decide to have your employees do the packing for some or all of your move, prior to the move, we can deliver the packing materials you'll require.

We are well equipped to handle almost any type of business move.

Our Office Mover crews are fully trained in the installation, dismantling and reconfiguration of your business's most utilized systems. Most clients leave all dismantling and reassembling work for the office movers,

We set up new modules based on your plans and place all contents in their proper location. We will work non-stop, with fresh crews until your move is complete. When you and your staff arrive at your new location there will be finished workstations ready to conduct business as usual.

We use professional, specialized moving equipment throughout your move including heavy-duty moving racks, dollies, strapping and wrapping materials

We maintain a large inventory of specialized apparatus and materials to ensure that they are always able to meet your requirements.

Our job is moving your business and doing it to the best of our abilities we know you expect the best from your employees and we hold that standard for ours.

New furniture delivery (Drop ship from the warehouse to your new office).

Large fleet of moving trucks including air-ride suspension vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers. Any type of moving truck rental for you.

Large hydraulic lift gates, dollies, carts, etc. (Multi level Buildings O.K.).

And most of all, experienced well trained movers. This means your office furniture, supplies, home office furniture and all of your important commercial equipment is moved safely.

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Lauderdale Movers, Inc.
License # MV-574

Miami Office Mover South Florida Moving Company
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